Guest Lecture @ FH Burgenland

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Right in the middle of collaboratively working out a shared understanding of knowledge activities is where students found themselves just after a few introductory minutes at the guest lecture at FH Burgenland. The lecture aimed to build a bridge between knowledge activities and psychological theories in order to facilitate digital communication, design intuitive tools, evaluate knowledge representations and usage of tools. With the vast practical experience of the tremendously engaged students, the lecture became highly interactive, so the surge of newly acquired theoretical knowledge was channeled to fruitful discussions of how to apply theories in the field. Be it standard knowledge management tools such as wikis, highly specialized tools such as bits and pieces, or tools that make use of the wisdom of the crowd, such as social tagging systems – the lectureres of the WMF had everything covered as well as discussed. Students also provided their thoughts and valuable insights on how to conceptualize knowledge activities in the future. This way, the lecturers learned at least as much as the students while having a whole lot of fun. lecture