Stratehike in the heart of Styria

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“Stratehike” is exactly what it sounds: a creative and exciting activity organized by the Knowledge Management Forum of Graz (WMF) that combines successfully Strate-gy and hik(e)-ing. The “stratehike” took place in the picturesque Eisenerz located at the foot of the famous Erzberg Mountain and gave the chance to the WMF to welcome two new members and draw a strategy for new exciting projects to come. The weekend started with a tasty dinner at the local brewery, where we had the chance to enjoy freshly prepared seasonal food and try the local beer. A short warm-up round resulted in a round-table discussion dedicated to what else? Sharing: sharing of experiences, interests, backgrounds, Phd progress, issues and future thoughts related (but not restricted) to knowledge management. The next day found us richer in knowledge and ready for hiking the Eisenerzer Reichenstein. An ambitious goal that was partially completed (the distance is definitely underestimated) and rewarded us with a breathtaking view. The evening ended with some barbecuing, board games and lot of fun. The last day, indeed a Sun(ny)day, was dedicated  on sharing thoughts/ideas, assigning interesting tasks and discussing about the upcoming activities of the WMF: . coordination of teaching activities in Eisenstadt (FH Burgenland) and Krems (Danube University) . planning involvement into Barcamp Graz . refocusing on the mutual PhD process support again These and other activities should help us to generate further contents for future WMF events and the new edition of the “WMF Praxishandbuch”. The trip ended with a short round to the Leopoldsteinersee and found us all a bit more knowledgeable and definitely overwhelmed from the beauty of the Austrian landscape. Until next time “stratehike” folks! wmf-stratehike-2016